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    Maximum 200 MB/Sec with X520-T2 Cards... ???

      Hi, we have installed in our company 6 server wiht the X520-T2 (SPF+) cards and DELL 10Gbit switches and EqualLogic SANs... all nice, ut i got only a average transfer rate, measured with iperf, of 200 MB/sec...??


      Ok, i have created another test scenario^with one dell and one ibm server (16 cores, 32gb ram) and connected the 2 server via a SPF+ (cable from dell) direct without any switch, same result ~200 MB/Sec.


      We checked the packets with wireshark and all are jumbo frames without truncation and wihtout defragmentation.



      the os for the test was windows 2008 r2 and windows 2008 64bit with a fresh installation and the intel driver from the homepage.

      all offload settings in the drivers was disabled.



      anyone a idea why i'm get this poor transfer rates???


      i have the same speed with vmware, xenserver and windows 7 on 5 different machines...


      whats the trick' is this a cable problem?


      thank you for any tips for this boring problem.