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    Frequency scaling in intel atom N330



      I am using ZOTAC IONITX board with Intel Atom N330. Is frequency scaling possible with Intel Atom N330?? I wanna do it in ubuntu. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.





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          About your question on is it possible to scale processor speeds on your Intel Atom N330, my answer is yes (my friend used it on an old Intel Pentium M processor, so i checked it don't worry), first feel free to look out at your CPU specificiation on the first link that i have provided for you:




          As you can see your processor has 2 cores, that of course is true because first Intel Atom processors had only one core, but the new ones have 2, here's the history of the development of the Intel Atom processors there you can see specifications of every Intel Atom that hit the market:




          And for the last, here is an article of how to use frequency scaling on Linux Ubuntu:




          Hope it helps


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            I have already tried "cpu frequency scaling monitor" as suggested by the article (pointed by you). But it doesn't work. I get the message that frequency scaling is not supported in this system. This could be due to the fact that Intel Atom N330 does not support Intel SpeedStep technology. Is there any other method to configure the ubuntu kernel manually for frequency scaling (based on the cpu workload)?





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              Hello friend


              I guess you are right about your processor, my friend was able to do that because he had desktop processor who had the Intel SpeedStep ability , that is maybe one thing that you can't do with your processor and that's is to scale it's frequency under Linux. But maybe you can check the Ubuntu forum http://ubuntuforums.org/ and ask there someone who had the same issue as you, but then again, maybe that SpeedStep is the general spec for frequency scaling to work under Linux. But then again maybe i'am wrong. If i find out something i will post you here.

              Sorry again for the late answer i was away for a few days