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    Problem RST?  iastordatamgrsvc.exe

      This runs and always uses 50% of CPU.  It does use less if I use an app that requires lots of CPU but when that happens it keeps my CPU maxed out at 100%. It does not seem to slow processing down.  I don´ know what this service does.  Has something to do with raid I think.  I just want to know if this the correct operation.  It just seems illogical for it to be using that 50% cpu.

      Have a Dell 560s, W7 Pro 64 only several weeks old.  I have been to dell, umpteen forums, get runaround here, get runaround at dell and can find other people with same problem and no answers.  We are just looking for an answer.  Do we have a problem or not?


      And another thought if I go to search for RST. I get a response that is not working and windows will check.  It runs for awhile then disappears.  Nothing changes.