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    Intel® Driver Update Utility Doesn´t work

      After i try once the utility with my computer completed formated the utility run, but since i install the updates, the utility never works.when he asks me to install the sistem labs utility it gives me an error on internet explorer and close it.

      i tryed with 6 othr broweser´s, and or gives me an error and closes the window, o r just stays loading....


      any sugestions or help for this


      thks i´m runnin W7 64bits

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          Good day to you sir!


          Im not sure if this will help you out, but pay attention on some of the situations that may cause Driver Update Utility not to work:


          1. Computer Viruses (especially those who install themselfes in your internet browser: plugins, search bars, dangerous scripts etc.)

          Solution: Get a good Antivirus and Antispyware protection (suggestions: Kaspersky Internet Security,Ad-Aware SE Personal,NOD 32, Symantec Northon) depending of your internet productivity (paid subscription).My choice (freeware):avast! Antivirus, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, AVG Free, BitDeffender, TrendMicro Hijack.


          2. Corrupted browser files

          Solution: Try reinstalling your browser including plugins that are required for surfing on the internet (Java script, Flash Player, Silverlight (only on IE) etc.)


          3. Certificate revocation on browsers

          Solution: Most of the browsers of today's internet are required to take security certificates for every page you visit, usually they install them automatically, but some of the certificates don't pass the verification. Try your browser options for such problems.


          4. Internet Connection Problems

          Solution: If you feel that your internet is working too slow, you only have two solutions:

          -either your PC has problems (Hardware or Software) or

          -your local internet supplier have problems on their servers


          5. Windows problems

          Solution: Corrupted files, error pop-ups, general slow-down of your system!? That sounds it's time for a Windows reinstall (repair or reinstall depends on how big is the problem)


          6. Automatic updates

          Vital for your OS and common programs to use, most of the people just turn them off when they set their computer for the first time, but that of course is the main mistake for OS not to function properly after a long time of use. Updates help you fix any common problem that came with the Windows first release so it is very important to leave them as default ON option.


          7. System Restore

          Solution: If you have this thing enabled, feel free to use it, it helped me a few times, but you need to make sure that viruses didn't enter that area (most of the viruses that attack today's computers usually attack Windows Backup Folders, so that every time you restore Windows Session you restore viruses with them, be careful with that)


          8. Call Technical Support

          Solution: If you are not an IT Specialist, contact your local Computer Dealer for support, they should have trained personnel for that kind of stuff


          That would be all that i can remember, if i think of something else i will answer you, fell free to e-mail me.