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    Web Based Computing - Thin Clients- UltraPortables


      The Intel Atom Processer is in the Growing Market for Thin Client Mobile Computing. The Previous Trend of Heavy Fat Client Laptops that Burnt your Lap and were More Powerfull than a Desktop is ending. Now it is prefered a Home or Office Desktop and truely Mobile CellPhone or Ultraportable like Big Hit ASUS eeePC soonly followed by other Companies. Linux is Popular here.

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          I agree Sam-C.  It is very exciting to see Intel Atom processor devices being used in so many ways.  Long live the days of cool laps!



          I have to wonder if the extra processing capabilities you get with using an Atom based thin client would allow you to take advantage of a less-thin model, one where more happens on the client side and balances the server load some.  What do you think?