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    Intel Q8300 vs. Gigabyte EG41MF-S2H

      Hi everyone.


      I have a major problem. Am trying to get the above-mentioned components to work together without any success. Before the Q8300, a Core2Duo E6300 was running perfectly in the system below.


      As soon as I installed the Q8300, the system sometimes gets through POST, most times not though. As soon as the pc boots, it shows me that the bios recognises the Q8300. I was able to get into the CPU setting in the bios once, I would have been able to change the values there if it hadn't freezed up on me tho.


      The memory test also runs through without a problem. Sometimes it starts restarting itself before it checks for the hdd and sometimes it freezes up on me in the bios itself, have to maunally restart the pc then. Haven't been able to boot to windows yet.


      I have flashed the bios successfully with the latest bios and still no luck...according to the gigabyte homepage, the Q8300 is supported by the original bios. Flashed it using the Core2Duo E6300 and the system ran fine thereafter.


      All the other components work properly as i have tested them individually.


      Here is a list of the system specs:


      Windows XP 64-Bit

      Gigabyte EG41MF-S2H (Revision 1.0) Bios version after flash is version f3

      2x2gb Kingston (Dual channel) 533Mhz PC-4200 CL 4

      ATI Radeon 3850 (512MB)

      Creative Labs X-Fi Extreme Audio

      1 harddrive

      1 DVD and 1 DVD writer

      Power 550Watt Poweer supply


      I have absolutely no idea what is causing all the problems and would appreciate any help you guys can give me.

      Thanks a million

      P.S. Wasn't sure where to post this. Also wrote to Gigabyte, but haven't received an answer yet.

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          If teh system was working perfectly before and the only thign you have changed is teh CPU,the options are rather limited:

          1 the CPU

          2 they are in fact not compatible

          3 and this one is at a strech, the PSU can cope with the e6300 but not teh Q8300.


          There maybe others but they are what first come to mind.

          If it was me personally i would eitehr try the Q8300 on another motherboard or another Q8300 on this motherboard just to find out whethe rit is working or not, as that is the only component changed. just noticed you said this"All the other components work properly as i have tested them individually." does this mean you have tested the  Q8300 as well?

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            Thanks for the reply, it was the Ram that was causing the system to not boot up...strangely enough in the old setup the Ram worked...Problem solved, thanks again for the help.

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              You may want to pull the CPU and check if you bent any pins while swapping the CPUs.