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    Setting up a S5520CR Workstation

      I just finished building a worksation with the following specs:


      Corsair 1000watt PSU  CMPSU-1000HX A

      Corsair 80GB SSD CSSD-F80GBP2-BRKT

      Corsair 8GB 1GX72 DDR3 10600

      PNY GTX 470 VCGGTX470XPB

      Intel X5650 BX80614X5650

      Intel Motherboard S5520SCR

      Lian Li Case PC A77F


      First time pressing power button the unit booted just fine.


      I inserted the windows 7 Professional disc and started installing windows 7. It almosted finished installing and the computer powered off.

      I powered it back on and it said the installation was corrupted so I restarted the installation and this time mid installation it powered off.


      at this time I was concerned of proper thermal on the CPU so I removed the thermal compound completely and applied new paste.

      I tried again and results didn't vary.


      I looked very closely at onboard capacitors and didn't see anything abnormal.


      Finally, I went back again and checked the PSU a second time and the +5VSB is reading LL (which was fine when I first plugged the PSU up).



      I can't find anywhere how to read the diagnostic LEDs.  All I know is the power button doesn't seem to affect the machines status.



      Power supply was the issue. Now running into performance issues in Windows 7.