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    Updating driver of INTEL R 82865G graphics controller

      I want to buy a new flat screen with a higher resolution than my INTEL R 82865Ggraphics controller will allow. There is I believe an updated driver available and I tried to use the Intel Driver Update Facility to automatically identify the correct driver. I tried the utility again and again and all it seems to do is process something endlessly without any result. I  even allowed it to run for 1 hour without an end result. I have now  downloaded a driver which  may be correct, and which is version 14.17 dated 16/10/2007. My earlier driver is  version dated 20.09.05. I do not trust myself to use the one I downloaded. Can anyone help please?

      Is there any reason why the automatic Intel Driver Update facility should apparently go round in circles without identifying the need of a driver update? My mother board was bought and added to the machine and is not one modified by a PC maker.