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    Intel GMA4500 MHD resolution issues



      I have an Asus UL50 with a GMA 4500 and I'm having difficulty with the resolution settings. The laptop has native resolution of 1366x768. I recently bought a 1920x1080 monitor.


      When I first start my computer, the monitor displays 1366x768 only. When I go to the screen resolution settings, the max setting available is 1366x768. However, when I open my laptop's lid and then close it, and then go back to the resolution settings, I can detect 1920x1080.


      I have downloaded the most recent (October) driver update but regardless, my monitor displays 1366x768 until I open and close my laptop's lid. How can I get it to display 1920x1080 without having to open/close the lid every time I turn on my laptop? Does anyone else have this problem as well?