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    Express Bios update for DX58SO board - post update issue

      Greetings... minor issue, not a show stopper but can't figure out how to get rid of this.  After running an express BIOS update (which seemed to work great), the next time I rebooted my machine a tidy INTEL-generated window popped up to inform me that the express BIOS update was completed successfully.  I expected this popup...


      ...However, the interesting thing is, it seems as though my computer has decided I'm a complete moron and that I need to be constantly reminded that the BIOS has updated successfully.  So every time I boot/reboot my machine, after the machine spins up I'm presented with the badge of honor again:




      Some quick details: this BIOS update was the one JUST posted for DX58SO... I have two custom built Vista 64 systems using this board and they run very well... treated with TLC and some decent IT-backed knowledge.  ZERO issues to date (about 1.5 years now)...   But this one has me stumped.


      Any idea how I can get the friendly reminder to switch off?