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    Should i upgrade or not?


      I have  win 7 home 32 bit

      Product DetectedMobile  Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
      Current Driver Installed8.15.10.1892


      I am trying to update video driver to This version dated to 10.2010 and my version is from when i purchased it about january 2010.


        I get this message on intel utility

      A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The  Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a  generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may  cause technical issues. Contact your computer  manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.


      Should i contitnue with upgrading?


      thank you

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          Are you having any problems?  If not I would leave well enought alone. If yes, check the release notes to see if it sounds like it might help.

          It is best to stick to the OEM version of the driver if possiable.


          ( it is very likly there is not much difference between teh drivers VS .  Your current driver appears to be a "Newer Build" (larger number) than the update. This could mean that they are the save version, just one is generic and one is OEM.

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            Hi, thanks for input,

            I dont have problems with current card.  Except that i want to render 3d objects in photoshop and they say that you need a better video card.