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    Intel N6250 AGN not working

      I have a Toshiba laptop, not even 2 mpnths old. I am traveling overseas (out of USA). All of a sudden my wireless network goes down. I restart but i find no wireless connection. I try reinsatlling the driver but still no luck.  I reinstall the whole windows (restore out of box state - Toshiba recovery)


      I tried downloading the latest software and installing but no luck yet.I tried intalling Linux to check but does not work, I have Windows 7 64Bit installed again, Tried everythng now i get error code(10) on the driver for Microsoft Virtual Miniport adapter #2.


      The Intel my Wifi utility wont allow me to enable the WiFi. Everytime i hit enable nothing will change.


      Please advice on whts happening out here. Feel so bad that its just a 2 months old PC and the wifi has gone bad....


      PLease help..




      About Toshiba,

      I call the Toshiba customer care and they are very rude to begin with, next he makes me do various steps that i have already done. Then the agent says they will call me in 24 hours time. Its 48+ passed no call from Toshiba customer care. I call again i start telling and they got me annoyedm i ask can you help me just a yes or no? The agent HANGS  THE PHONE. Bravo Toshiba on your suppport...