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    Setspeed.exe command line did not change speed/duplex on Intel gigabit NIC



      I wonder if someone has an ideal to help me figuring out why the utility tool, Setspeed.exe, did not force the speed/duplex changes when I tried to change the speed/duplex on HP Z200 workstation that contained Intel 82578 Gigabit network adapter and an Intel Gigabit ET Quad network adapter. The 5 Ethernet ports have default settings for Auto-Negotia. When I used setspeed.exe to change these ports to 10M/Half or 10M/Full or 100M/H/Full and then ran devcon.exe disable and re-enable these PCIe devices. Unforturnately, these ports have not been changed with the speed/duplex I want to set. The OS is XP Pro and the network adapter driver is ProSet V15.7 or V15.5.


      Thanks, -Bill