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    Howto activate Intel vPro on Dell E4310


      I received a new Dell E4310 with core i5 M520,

      I am unable to access the Mebx configuratior using control+P


      In fact, it appears in the description list:

      "No intel vpro secure advanced hardware"


      is it a way to correct it ?


      best regards


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          Try F12 after rebooting to bring up the boot options menu.  Then select the MEBx option under Other Options.

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            Thanks, but....


            The "OTHER OPTIONS:" lists only:

              Bios Setup  (I have browsed all items, no AMT entry.)



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              IT Center

              I'm not sure why you are not seeing the option in the boot menu.  I noticed on the Dell support site that they have recently posted a new system BIOS (12/2/2010) and AMT HECI driver package 11/19/2010 marked "urgent" (look on the Dell Drivers and Downloads page for the E4310, then choose Chipset, then choose Intel HECI).  It's generally a good idea to update to the latest BIOS and drivers.  If the drivers package is installed, you should see a status icon in your Windows sytem tray that will give you details about the status the Intel Management Engine and drivers.  If updating the BIOS and drivers fail, ask Dell for help with this.

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                If you configured your Dell E4310 online, did you choose "Intel vPro Technology advanced management features"?  It's not included by default on some E4310 SKUs--you need to choose the $20 option to enable it.  If you didn't select it, you might need to contact Dell to see if you can add it back in.

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                  No, I don't used online path.

                  for the three pc (two latitude E4300 and one Optiplex 780) I had a lot of exchanges with our ontact (by mail and phone) who specified to buy with pre-requisite processors (Intel core i5 M520 and E8400) but NEVER talk about an option or something else.

                  Best regards.


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                    the "technical" part is (wrongly) solved: it is due to the production process

                    (read http://www.deliran.net/refrence/Latitude_E4200/E4200_eng/dispatching.htm about similar model).


                    Now, reading back the file, I dig a bit more:

                    - the online site dell.com  for Optiplex 780 lists the option "system managment mode" with 4 choices (No, Standard, vPro on & vPro off)

                    - but my French one doesn't show this item.


                    So now It is a human/commercial problem: why our (before sale) contact at Dell-France writes information about the processor but NOTHING about the option?


                    Thanks for your help to locate the bug.

                    Best regards.