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    Intel DP35DP BIOS Problems

      Please can Anyone help me.


      PC Specs:

      PC Sum.jpg


      So, What Happened...


      What I did was I reloaded the whole PC and while installing all the newest software again I decided to also Flash the BIOS with the newest Update.

      I was currently not experiencing any problems but I have done so with all the boards I have had since I new what a Computer was. So I updated the BIOS from v0497 to v0572 witch completed succesfully and I restarted the Computer as the on-screen text told me to.


      And then...  BLANK............................


      When Computer Boots up the screen power comes on, goes off, comes on and stay's there, forever...


      What I did was tried to do a BIOS recovery with a USB Drive and then with a CD. Each with the .BIO Files on them and tried it a few times with about 4 different versions but this did not work.

      I read about this problem on allot of forums but what I noticed is if I remove the USB Keyboard before powering up, the Computer boots up with no problems except that there is no POST Screens being display'd. The first screen I see is "Starting Windows" then I plug the USB Keyboard back in and everything is fine.


      Can anybody help me with this problem? I would like to downgrade back to the v0497 BIOS and see if it will be back to normal but cant seem to get it right. Doesn't seem that the current bios allows downgrade. O, and I did, a few times, remove the bios battery to clear the settings before I tried the bios recovery procedures.


      Please Help.