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    Inter-core interrupt and process notifying code


      For some experimentation with interrupt driven message passing I have written some (grossly experimental) code to generate interrupts and a kernel module for notifying userspace processes when an interrupt occurs. Since I saw some questions about this I figured I'd share my code here.


      The patch is against the trunk of the latest revision on http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/trunk/, it changes the following things:



      Changed to allow loadable kernel modules on the SCC cores.



      The noIrq parameter of the rckmb driver was changed to not only switch between IRQ driven and polling mode, but to also free and re-obtain its IRQ. This means IRQ 4 can be freed from use by the driver by overwriting the zero in /sys/module/rckmb/parameters/noIrq with a non-zero integer (as a string).


      The patch also creates a new directory "rckos/async-scc" this directory contains a Makefile to build a kernel module async-scc.ko and a testing program irq. The kernel module can be loaded using "insmod" from the /shared network dir. The module exposes 3 module parameters, all can be set by writing an int (as string) to their respective filesystem entries:



      The IRQ the module should install an interrupt handler for. CAUTION: Default to 4 which is normally taken by rckmb, you should switch rckmb's interrupt handling off as described above. This IRQ remains changeable after loading the module.



      Whenever the IRQ set above is triggered the process specified by PID gets signalled.



      The signal to deliver to the user process, defaults to SIGUSR1, can be any signal.


      The "irq" program takes one argument (core number) and then triggers IRQ 4 on that core.


      Build instructions are simple, apply the patch, build linux image as usual and load it on the cores. All the code is GPL, questions/comments/feedback are welcome.