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    intel DX58SO MB Back side marks?

      i got an intel dx58so MB purchased about 7 months back form local dealer (Sri Lanka - http://barclays.lk/). y'day i remome the board for a cooler installation and i saw some weird marks on back side of the board. all those are on a pattern like boundaries of sockets/components.





      i have never overclocked the processor. but the processor was very hot under load. like 80-85. and i have some times run the pc 2-3 days under maxload. (3d rendering)  can some one please explain wat are those marks coz i have bad feeling this board is going to die in few days/months.

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          Hi, AFAIK they are nothing to worry about, they would have been tehre when you got teh board. It has somethign to do with teh manufacturing process and teh flux. so no need to worry

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            thanx for the reply Cpt.Dogfruit. im 100%sure these marks were not there when i bought the MB. im feeling bit scared coz these marks seems to alter the circuit paths. i.e. they try to shift the paths from board surface. (it seems lke that)

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              Honestly nothing to worry about, i have seen them on loads of the latest intel boards.

              besides your CPU temps were high but not OMG high, although i am sure some people will say they are. But even tehn teh marks are either specifically round teh CPU. and anywyas if anything were to go wrong (which it will not be caused by those marks or anything related to them) if it was a boxed motherboard you have three years warranty.