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    Occasionally get "Missing operating system" on DP55WG


                  I have a DP55WG with an i7-860 processor and a RAID 10 array.  I just upgraded to BIOS version 5893, but this problem occurred before I upgraded as well.  I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit.  I am using Intel Rapid Storage Technology version to manage my array in Windows.

                  Sometimes when I do a restart, I see "Missing operating system" and a freeze just after an apparently normal loading of BIOS and the RAID firmware. 

                  Once I get my heart beating again and reboot, the reboot is normal except that sometimes I get the screen that asks me if I want to boot into safe mode, normal, etc.  I choose "boot windows normally" and it boots normally, but probably a little more slowly.  Then everything seems normal.

                  After this experience I run a verify of my RAID array and I find 25-50 verification errors, but no physical errors in my array.

                  Although this seems to happen for no apparent reason, there may be a reason.  In one case it followed a crash of one of my flakier applications, although the reboot that failed was a few minutes after I closed the flaky application.  In another case, it happened after I decided to restart before I was fully booted into Windows.

                  I’m thinking that it may be a timing issue with the write-back cache and I may be OK if I disable the write-back cache.  But I also may be wrong and that would slow down my machine.  So before I do that I am hoping to get an opinion from someone with more experience and/or knowledge than me.

                  Please help if you can.