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    Wondering if my 622anhmw chip has been remotely disabled...how 2 tell?

      Hi All,

      Just got a new work laptop and had been using the wireless networking capabilities for a few days when I had to contact my company's tech support for an unrelated issue. During troubleshooting the support person complained that I was working wirelessly because it created a latency on his end.  The next day when I booted my laptop the wireless functionality was gone.  When the laptop boots the led associated w/wireless shows healthy for about 2-3 seconds and then as the POST continues it quickly turns orange and won't allow me to connect.  Windows XP device manager still finds the chip so I know it's not totally fried.

        So...is there any way for me to confirm that it's been remotely disabled (i don't have admin rights to my laptop)...


      AND, would buying a replacement chip and popping it in allow me to regain wireless networking functionality?


      Any input would be greatly appreciated!