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    Intel Desktop Utilities


      I'm running a D975XBX2 board with a Core 2 Quad Q6600 proccessor, Raid 10, Win XP Pro.  I've installed the Intel Desktop Utilities and am unable get the utility to function at all.  It opens a funky window with no data displayed and no functionability (un-installed and re-installed several times).  I also have a similar problem with the Intel Desktop Control Center.


      Any ideas??

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          Have you tried the Intel desk top control center.??

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            Yes, I've tried the Control Center too, It hangs on boot up, never functions.  Several un-indtalls snd re-installs on this progam also.  No changes.


            Please help!

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              What do you want to use it for?

              Why not just use a third party software?

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                I am not using third party software (other than Intel) because my system is 100% Intel, board, processor and Intel Rapid Storage Raid 10.  I find it "interesting" that none of the Intel utilities work but more so that someone on this forum would suggest that I should switch to another company's software to "fix" the problem.  I use my machine for both business and gamimg.

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                  As interesting as it may be, you didnt say why or what you want to use teh intel desktop utilities for? and just because your system has a few intel components, i hate to say it is not 100% intel it is an intel based system. furthermore it was just a suggestion. Personally i liek intel CPUs and most of teh motherboards, but that does not mean that i will then just use everything that intel put out, the same goes with other manufacturers. i find compoennts and software that i persoanlly specific to the function they and personally i am not too keen on neiother IDCC nor IDU. I dont see the need to constantly be monitoring my system as i know it is fine, if i start gettoing issue tehn i will monitor it.

                  The other thing to note is that the board is EOL, therefore if tehre is an issue with it i doubt it will get  fixed.

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                    What BIOS Ver. Do you have installed , Because if you don't have 2838 , These APPs Probably won't work.

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                      If you are using or want to use Desktop Control Center to Overclock you system, that's the worst decision you ever made. I have tried several times and it doesnt work...

                      GO for the BIOS!!!!

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                        I use the Intel Desk Top Control Center , All the time for Monitoring and Overclocking , Never had any problems , As Far as overclocking in the BIOS , thats another situation ,, I used the XMP Profile when I installed some new RAM and it set the RAM volts to 1.9 volts insteed of the required 1.5 volts , SYS would not Boot had to go back in BIOS and manualy set volts to 1.5 SYS ran fine , ever since . My Point is you can't trust the BIOS XMP Profiles to be right.

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                          Thanks to all for trying to help.  I'm using the 2838 BIOS and had hoped to use the DTU and Control Center to monitor my system while gaming.  I'm not over-clocking at this point but continue to have sysytem problems.  As an example, I have experienced system instability during rFactor sessions that require complete system shut down and re-start.  I think that I have run the problem down to my RAID 10 setup as the Rapid Store management system seems to want to "repair and verify" during sessions that are taxing to the computer.  However, all this begs the question: Why does the Desktop Utilities and Control Center fail to function?  Thanks.

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                            Can you try a little Experment for me. Uninstall both Intel desk top control center , and the utilities. .. Than donw load the IDCC , save it to desk top . go off line turn off all of your security and I mean all. Fire walls anti virous spyware everything , even disable user acc. THAN Install Intel desk top control center , Re-Start SYS . Than open Idcc and see if it works. Some antivirous software can interfear with this kind of utilities.software because it effects the BIOS. Try this and let me know. If it works than turn your antivirous software.

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                              By the way Intel does not recomand running IDCC and the utilities at the same time.

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                                I tried the experiment by turning off everything (shield, anti-virus, etc.), downloading fresh and installing again.  Same results.  The progam boots but does not have any functionality.  No readings no anything.  I've decided to look for a third party program.


                                Thanks for all the help attempts.  It looks like this one will remain a mystery.

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                                  What Ver. of the IDCC are you using , I'm using ( Beta )  And it allways works good . If you are using the Older Ver. you may want to try this ver. It's in the download center under the board DX48BT2 , Realeased Jan 2009.