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    Intel Pro/1000 GT DeskTop Adapter



      A question needing answer please:

      I purchased a new computer last week and it had an Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop Adapter installed; (by my request).

      It seemed to work fine when it arrived from the manufacturer with Windows 7 OS installed.

      However, I dumped the Windows 7 and went with MS Server 2008.

      This is where my problems began ... connectivity. Specifically: the Card does not seem to function as a Network Card per se. Outbound connections are fine; but Inbound to an HTTP Server seem nonexistent.

      Anyways, I first thought it was the fault of the Server 2008 configuration and formatted and re-installed and Port 80 remained inaccessible while using this Card ... I could not connect to the WebServer.

      Just minutes ago, I removed/replaced the Intel Pro/1000 GT DeskTop Adapter with a cheapo standard Network Card and the WebSite became accessible via Port 80.

      So, my question is: is this actually a full-blown Network Card? Is there some configuration to make it accept incoming Port 80?

      It's got me stumped.

      Your help is sincerely and MUCH appreciated.