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    ZTClocalagent activation issues


      Hi all,

        I am fairly new to vPro and trying to use the SDK on my AMT enabled HP 8440p laptop. I setup the basic AMT settings when I bought the computer in BIOS itself. Then when I started looking at the SDK, I downloaded it and when I perform discovery using ztclocalagent, it is successful. Here is a snippet of the output:


      Intel AMT code versions:
              Flash:                   6.0.40
              Netstack:                6.0.40
              AMTApps:                 6.0.40
              AMT:                     6.0.40
              Sku:                     24584
              VendorID:                8086
              Build Number:            1215
              Recovery Version:        6.0.40
              Recovery Build Num:      1215
              Legacy Mode:             False

      Setup and Configuration:

      Found 8 certificate hashes in following Handles:



      However, when I try to use ZTClocalagent -activate, I run into errors and I am trying to get a feel what why I am getting these errors and how I can fix them:

      Zero Touch Configuration:

      Provisioning TLS Mode:

      Failed performing Start Configuration command:
      PT_STATUS_INVALID_PT_MODE: Command is not permitted in current operating mode.

      Activate Intel AMT configuration:


      Appreciate any inputs to help me with the same.



      Sudarsan VS.