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    What does Verify Volume Data on Intel Matrix Storage Console actually do?


      I use Intel Matrix Storage Console v8.9.9.1023 to manage a non-system raid 0 volume made up of two 1tb have drives in Vista Ultimate 64bit SP2. The volume was no longer listed on My Computer when I turned on my PC yesterday. Computer Management lists the drive as unallocated, but I can see it in Intel Matrix Storage Console as normal. My specific question is this: when I use the Verify Volume Data function in Intel Matrix Storage Manager to check this volume, it goes through the verification process, which takes about 2.5 hours, but when it gets to 100%, rather than showing the dialog reporting any errors, the progress screen simply closes. What does this mean? If it's as simple as one of the drives having failed, why does the process appear to take the time to fully scan it? (I have a separate 1tb volume that takes 1.25 hours to verify, which suggests the 2.5 hour process does scan both drives fully). I don't want to try to reformat the volume until I know for sure that the data on it is unrecoverable, but how can I establish what exactly is wrong?