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    DP55WG- will BIOS Update 5893 2010-11-16 boot?


      You will all recall the fiasco with BIOS Update 5531 [http://communities.intel.com/thread/13677] of which many of us got burned, including me.


      I have also been waiting a YEAR now for Fan Speed Indicator problem and the problem with lost mem with GeForce to be fixed. I just keep trying new updates in hope of getting a fix.


      Update 5531 had a LONG list of cures but none for me. Nonetheless, I installed it and the system would not complete the BIOS startup. So, after a bit of a struggle to recover and consultation here I was able to go back to the previous update.


      Intel has NOT replied to the discussion about 5531 (or the other 2 I mentioned) so who knows what is going on.


      On 2010-11-16 Intel released 5893. The very short list of fixes makes no mention of the fiasco of 5531 nor any of the others. So what should we expect from this update? Will it even boot? Does it have the same problem contained in 5531 preventing it from booting? Is it a waste of time?


      Is anyone out there?