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    How to arrive from virtualization to private cloud ?


      We have implemented virtualization and now want to elevate from virtualization to private cloud...
      I know that Cloud computing is a way to deliver IT services wheras virtualization is just a technology and enabler..

      According to cloud we have to add the following items to our current work, Because cloud requires a high degree of automation to provisioning process. Sharing of resources will be provided by virtualization platforms.

      cloud computing Requirements

      • Service Catalog
      • web form for taking user Infrastructure requests
      • Data will be stored in database and can be queried/reports can be collected
      • this form will be a part of a workflow


      • User request will be implemented after acknowledges from managers
      • workflow will interface with current change and demand management sowftwares
      • VM will be perepared at least on vmware, Hyper-V, oracle VM platforms
      • All extra admin jobs (updating, adding to AD, creatig users) will be done on new VM
      • A notification mail will be sent to admin and end user.

      Charge Back (Platform must be (not imlemented but) ready for this. We can want to extend it in the near future)

      • monthly resource usage will be billed to other departments/end users



      • For VMs created for a certain time, VM muste be shutdowned/disposed/notified

      So we have some pieces (change & demand managemnt sw, virtualizatiom platforms) already installed. And we have the requirements to be done with these pieces.. I think we must glue current pieces through cloud processes.
      we are evaluating microsoft opalis and uc4 to automize required functionality

      Now the question:

      Do you recommend us to custom build our private cloud (using automation tools like uc4(opalis) or
      implement a vendor (IBM or HP) supplied complete solution ? we have not much information on vendor solutions.

      is there anyone which implemented any of the alternatives ?


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          I won't comment on whether you should implement yourself or enter into a managed service or single vendor solution, on the technology question of alternative solutions Citrix OpenCloud Products can be integrated and orchestrated by using Workflow studio to achieve your automation requirements, Workflow studio provides a GUI and Templates to create MS powershell scripts.


          Citrix XenServer and cloud technologies are deployed in some of the largest Cloud Service providers and enterprises.

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            So Selcuk, what was the decision and your experiences so far after almost 2 years? I will be glad if you can share some of your experiences and best practices for "From Vitualization to Cloud"



            Thanks in advance

            Alper Celik

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              Christopher Peters

              The Intel IT team has been implementing many of the advancde management services that define cloud in our private enterprise cloud environment.  We are deploying services in as short as 3 hours now.


              Check out this whitepaper on the principles and processes we've been using for "Implementing On-Demand Services Inside the Intel IT Private Cloud"


              Das Kamhout  has written some blogs on this topic also and may be of assistance.


              Chris P

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                in fact, I have posted this question on december 2010..  have not much news to say here.. Currently We have been implementing new virtualization platform consisting cisco UCS blades and hyperV, oracle VM and vmware hypervisors...


                But I have interviewed with HP, cisco and microsoft..


                All of them have orchestration tool which is core in cloud..

                • Best orchestration tool was from HP blade matrix.. you can design a server infrsatructure in visio like environment and it implements orchestration workflow automatically.. Very powerfull tool indeed
                • cisco comes with tilda and new in this field..
                • microsoft comes with opalis and stroneger than cisco..


                I think, after implemeting new virtualization platforms, I will turn my head to cloud.. I may give more news then..



                Turk Telekom @ Turkey