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    Issues with S5520SC mobo


      I can't seem to get this thing to boot to save my life.  I have an S5520SC mobo with BIOS verson 24 or 25 (don't remember which).  I stripped the memory back to three sticks (one in each channel) of Patriot PSD312G1066ERK ECC Reg.  I'm trying to run dual Xeons, E5530.  I can get the thing to get up to the "Setup" display if I use just one processor.  When I add the other processor, it gets weird.  The POST code seems to hang at B8h for about 30-40 seconds, then jumps to BCh for a second, then jumps to B9h for about 10-15 seconds, jumps to BAh for about 10-15 seconds, then starts to loop on the same sequence.  My brand name Pioneer CDROM devices currently have thier SATA ports connected to SATA ports 0 and 1, and can be seen when I get into "Setup" with a single processor.  I'm running out of things to try (other than trying to update the BIOS).  But the BIOS isn't supposed to be an issue as long as I'm using the E55xx series Xeons...  Anybody got any suggestions?

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          WoW -- Antique BIOS!  I believe BIOS 25 was the very first BIOS released on this board.


          Current BIOS version is 54.



          I would recommend going to a minimum configuration - 1 CPU 1 DIMM - Video card and boot to EFI and flash up to the current code.


          While you are at the down load site, make sure you grab the SEL viewer utility http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=17933&lang=eng

          This will allow you to view the System Event Log and see if it is logging your issue,


          I would also get the PCT test to just do a finial check out when you get everything updated.




          I am sure someone would also point you to the THOL and supported memory list http://serverconfigurator.intel.com/configure-memory.aspx?id=MTY2NiMxLDI1MjAjMSwyNjE5IzIsMjUzMiMx&ShowNavigation=false

          Where you will find (or really not find) the memory you are using. 

          (It is a good idea to get memory that has been tested on the product)


          A quick Google search and I find that this memory is Quad rank Dimms. (I am surprised the system boots at all now)

          Support for QUAD rank dimms was not added until BIOS 45 MRC 1.81



          Release note:


          - Fixed: Power button issue on S5500WB Fab 305 with BIOS R0049 and R0050.
          - Fixed: MRC 2.21 update
          - Fixed: Enable CRID feature for Intel processor 5500/5600 series.
          - Fixed: CSM update for boot device order issue on S5500BC.
          - Fixed: update Intel processor 5600 series B1 Microcode to 0x0F
          - Fixed: LSI OpRom update to fix HDD offline issue.
          - Fixed: HSC Revision is incorrect in BIOS setup when HSC is not connected.
          - Fixed: Microsoft* Windows* 2008 R2 installation failure with Intel(R) 82576/82575 NIC LOM.
          - Fixed: PCIe Fatal Completion Timeout Error during boot.
          - Fixed: LAN staic IP address will be lost in certain versions of the Microsoft* Windows* operating systems when updating BIOS.




          - Added: Benchmark Setup Options.
          - Added: Support for Nvidia 8400 card on S5520SC.
          - Added: Clear NVRAM area during Recovery Mode.


          - Fixed: Certain PCI video cards may cause a Fatal Completion Timeout Error during boot.
          - Fixed: Memory speed is incorrect if memory socket is not populated;
          - Fixed: AHCI option ROM in setup is still visible when onboard SATA controller is disabled.
          - Fixed: Display up to 32 characters in the chassis serial number field in BIOS setup.
          - Fixed: BIOS has video related problems with some 30" monitors in BIOS setup.
          - Fixed: AES-NI support changed to enabled by default.


          - Added: LSI SW RAID OPROM rev A.09.04151432I.
          - Added: Support 6GB SAS module on S5520HC.
          - Added: SEL event logging if PCIe link speed changes occur.


          - Update Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5600 series B1 Microcode to version 0x0C to
          products supporting Intel(R) Trusted Execution Technology (Intel(R) TXT).


          - Fixed: Corrected BIOS string to read Intel(R) Trusted Execution Technology
          - Added: Authenticated Code Module (ACM) 1.0


          - Update Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5600 series B1 Microcode to version 0x0C.


          - Fixed: Console redirection binary update for DC cycle hang issue.
          - Fixed: Secure Erase procedure causes BIOS hang.
          - Updated memory reference code to version 2.11.


          - Fixed: Can not install Microsoft* Windows 2008 with external USB ODD if the internal ODD is removed.
          - Fixed: Show incorrect information about L3 cache on the Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5600 series B0 12MB processors.
          - Fixed: BitLocker drive Encryption test fail with Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5600 series.
          - Fixed: Microsoft* Windows 2000 Adv Server SP4 Intall (Windows fails to Reset).


          Updated MicroCode to version 0x06/0x05.
          Enabled Turbo Hysteresis on Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5600 series.


          - Fixed: Microsoft* Windows* certification test failure.


          - Fixed: Invalid Date code when using clear CMOS jumper.
          - Fixed: BIOS Option "Memory Mapped I/O above 4GB" is not functional.
          - Fixed: BIOS Setup is reporting incorrect version of SDR.
          - Fixed: CMOS setup options - a disabled serial port can be set as console redirection.
          - Fixed: Mismatched CPUs Fails to Light Amber LED.
          - Fixed: System can't enter ERST2 RAID OPROM with the 10G NIC I/O module installed.
          - Fixed: Pressing <F9> to load BIOS defaults will change HyperThreading (HT) from disabled
            to enabled when processors that don't support HT are installed.
          - Fixed: Clock Throttling via Linux* SW Control is inoperative.
          - Fixed: Quantum* DAT72-000* and DLT-V4* were not listed in BIOS setup.


          Updated MRC to version 1.81.
          Updated QPIRC to v1.80.
          Updated SPS Production #3 ME FW update.
          - Added: Support for the Winbond* W25Q64BV* flash device.
          - Added: Set iBMC mailbox corresponding bits for LVDDR3 DIMMs
          - Added: Turbo Boost power optimization support.


          - Fixed: The system may hang after console redirection is enabled in BIOS setup.




          Intel(R) QPI Reference Code Version update to version 1.75.


          - Fixed: Incorrect Platform ID for S5500WB S5500WBV.
          - Fixed: Some Fiber Channel RAID adapters fail in slots 1 & 2 of the 2U PCIe butterfly riser.
          - Fixed: Prefetchable Memory not being properly allocated to Multiple cards.
          - Fixed: Processor C3/C6 setting can be changed with user password login.
          - Fixed: There is an incorrect IO Interrupt Entry in MP Table for onboard LAN.
          - Fixed: BIOS reverts to OLTT with Temp Sensor enabled UDIMMs.
          - Fixed: QPI speed mismatch error (0x195) behavior is incorrect.
          - Fixed: Pressing <F12> during POST (network boot) is not protected by the Admin password.
          - Fixed: The system hangs after pressing "Pause" key.
          - Fixed: BMC user password setting in BMC Lan configuration only allows 7 of 15 characters.
          - Fixed: Backplane fault LEDs blinking unreasonably during POST with SWRAID mode enabled.
          - Fixed: TEAC* DVD-ROM DV-W28S-RZ3 cannot boot under AHCI mode.
          - Fixed: EFI Shell: 'reconnect -r' locks system after approximately 3 times.
          - Fixed: FRU Checksum Field is not updated when the serial number is edited in BIOS setup.
          CCB556: When BMC is in force update mode, the BMC configuration can be edited in BIOS setup.


          - Added: BMC onboard NIC and RMM3 NIC are configurable via BIOS Setup.
          - Added: Enchanced manageability (SMBIOS) via OOB.
          - Added: WorkStation Logo for S5520SC.
          - Added: LSI Option ROM update A.09.07211059I.
          - Added: Report POST error code 0x8500 when the system transitions from Mirroring mode to independent mode.
          - Added: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5500 series C-0 processor microcode Production patch revision 0x11.


          - Fixed: No beep code is generated when processor microcode is unavailable for the
            processor installed.
          - Fixed: Long delay to enter EFI shell from the BIOS setup menu when AHCI is enabled.
          - Fixed: Remote system via serial redirection does not show any display prior to
            entering operating system with Quiet Boot enabled in BIOS setup.
          - Fixed: With Quiet Boot enabled in BIOS and Console Redirection enabled, the remote
            system will only display a blank screen after pressing <F2> to enter BIOS setup
            from the remote system.


          - Updated: help text for C3 and C6 options in BIOS setup.
          - Updated: help text for Maximize Memory Below 4GB in BIOS setup and further maximized
            available memory for non-PAE aware operating systems.
          - Added: Option to change QPI link speed in BIOS Setup.
          - Updated: BIOS help text for Intel(R) SAS Entry RAID Module


          - Fixed: When clearing TPM, the status should be "Disables & Deactivated" not
            "Disabled & Activated".
          - Fixed: 1064e SAS module ESRTII mode is not compatible with onboard SATA SW RAID.
          - Fixed: SMBIOS Type 17 Device Set incorrect values.
          - Fixed: SMBIOS Type 19 Ending Address is incorrect.
          - Fixed: Removing TPM option from BIOS setup on boards that do not support TPM.
          - Fixed: PCI-X riser: system hangs with POST code 0xFB when slots 2 and/or 3 are
          - Fixed: BIOS embedded LAN option ROM is still executed even when the setting is
          - Fixed: The first slot of active PCI riser card does not work.
          - Fixed: Novell* SLES 10* SP1 will not boot with 3 fibre channel adapters installed.
          - Fixed: Error Manager shows "Passwords cleared by jumper" after a BIOS recovery.
          - Fixed: HDD LED Activity on backplane is abnormal under RHEL5.3.
          - Fixed: S5500BC: <ESC> key response is very slow when Quiet Boot is Enabled - User
            cannot bypass Splash logo.
          - Fixed: S5520VI: With BMC-FORCED jumper installed, BIOS disables the SAS controller.
          - Fixed: BMC fails to connect via RMM3 on IO Mezz.
          - Fixed: Change data payload size to 256 bytes on S5520UR for certain add-in controllers.
          - Fixed: If Legacy OS Redirection is Disabled, legacy oprom output is no longer redirected.


          - Added: C6 and C3 Setup Option in BIOS Setup.
          - Increased PCIe completion timeout values for Intel NIC devices per Intel recommendation
            in the following Specifcation Updates:
          - Intel(R) 82598 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Specification Update revision 2.5
          - Intel(R) 82575 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Specification Update and Sighting
                    Information version 2.1
          - Intel(R) 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Specification Update version 2.2
          - Updated SMM memory utilization
          - Corrected some SMRR bit locks
          - Add Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5500 series D-0 processor microcode Production Candidate
            patch revision 0x04


          - Fixed: Can't enter the Option-ROM of the SROMBSASMR RAID adapter.
          - Fixed: SROMBSASMR adapter causes a system lock up and can't enter the OPROM after
            pressing hot key <CTRL+G>.
          - Fixed: Pressing <ESC> does not show POST screen and fails to enter SATA SW RAID
            BIOS console when Quiet Boot is enabled.
          - Fixed: The system will Not override OLTT selection if it can support CLTT.
          - Fixed: Remote Serial Console is not disconnected when Console Redirection is
            disabled in BIOS setup.


          - Corrected: BIOS setup SATA Mode [LEGACY] help Text statement was incorrect.


          - Fixed: Processor Hyper-Threading setting to disabled will reset to enabled when
            reentering BIOS setup.
          - Fixed: OS installation will stop while RAID adapter  under RHEL5.3 32bit.
          - Fixed: OS installation will hang and appear while Loading mptsas driver under
            RHEL5.3 32bit.
          - Fixed: Mass Storage Controller Configuration does not display correct information.


          - Fixed: SW RAID option for ICH10R disappears when AXX4SASMOD is present.
          - Fixed: Quad port Intel (R) 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Pxe Boot hang
            booting to RIS server.
          - Fixed: BIOS Boot order changes with USB device changes.
          - Fixed: BIOS recovery fails intermittently.
          - Fixed: DIMM information is incorrect when DIMM population is A1/A2/D2.
          - Fixed: HDD running in PIO mode and causing poor performance under Microsoft*
            Windows* 2003.
          - Fixed: BIOS setup indicates Hyperthreading is enabled for processors without
            Hyperthreading support.


          - Fixed: "TPM Administrative Control" Option in Security Menu removed on S5500WB.
          - Fixed: BIOS Boot Manager Page goes blank on performing load default settings.
          - Fixed: Platform/Board ID mismatch in BIOS setup.
          - Fixed: System can't boot to WebBIOS of LSI 1078 midplane with hardware RAID.
          - Fixed: Cannot go into the LSI RAID BIOS Console when SATA is configured for
            enhanced or compatibility mode.
          - Fixed: SAS SW RAID option in BIOS SETUP does not appear when SAS IO module
            is installed.
          - Fixed: Qlogic* QLE2464/QLE2564 is not recognized in the 2U PCI riser.
          - Fixed: Disabling "Intel(R) SAS Entry RAID Module" in bios, removes the entry.


          - Fixed: ACPI S3 resume hang with Dual-processor and Microsoft* Windows* 2003 32 bit.
          - Fixed: System will easily hang if greater than 14 USB devices are populated.
          - Fixed: Intel(R) pro quad port EXPI9404PTL is missing from the Microsoft* Windows*
            device manager.
          - Fixed: Unable to install Microsoft* Windows* 2008 x64 UEFI.
          - Fixed: SuSE* SLES10 reports: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 20 & 30.
          - Fixed: System unable to execute BIOS recovery from USB DVD/CD-ROM.
          - Fixed: Quad NIC IO module boot option disappears when user disables the onboard NIC ROM.
          - Fixed: Second NIC is missing in BIOS Setup Boot Manager.


          - Fixed: IOH therm trip doesn't assert an event and shutdown when IOH temperature is
            increased above the threshold.
          - Fixed: 1064e based IR card in slot 2 activates incorrect RAID options in BIOS Setup.
          - Fixed: Intel(R)RAID Controller SRCSATAWB is not getting detected.
          - Fixed: Intel(R) Integrated RAID Controller SROMBSASMR drives don't appear in
            Microsoft* Windows* 2008 EMT64.
          - Fixed: SATA port 4 & 5 device can't be detected in Compatibility & SW RAID mode.
          - Fixed: After Enabling BIOS Console Redirection, nothing is redirected on the first
          - Fixed: F2 Setup screen shows Blank under Boot Manager.
          - Fixed: SUT can not detect device on SATA Port 4/5 in Compatibility Mode under BIOS


          - Fixed: Install two config of MBE DIMM mix then system behavior not right.
          - Fixed: Boot system with iBIST reworked DIMM install don't show expect behavior.
          - Fixed: Disable SAS RAID function in BIOS menu then Manta Ray cannot be detected.
          - Fixed: Console Redirection on Serial port A failed.
          - Fixed: Can't boot to SATA RAID OpROM.
          - Fixed: S5520SC sometimes boots with 3 beep codes during POST with UDIMM's installed.
          - Fixed: Microsoft* Vista* 64-Bit installation fails under AHCI mode.


          - Fixed: TPM driver reports errors during ACPI S3 resume under Microsoft* Vista*.
          - Fixed: BIOS Setup hangs after "Load Default Values" and "Save Changes".
          - Fixed: Hotswap USB devices installed while in BIOS setup the system take about
            2 minutes to detect the USB device.
          - Fixed: System can't boot to WebBIOS of add-on storage Card installed on riser.


          - Fixed: Can't boot to SATA RAID OpROM.
          - Fixed: No Hard Disk found when selecting SATA Mode as SW RAID.
          - Fixed: Booting from DVDROM takes approximately 1 minute when in Enhanced Mode.

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            one more thing. Check the release notes. I am nit sure you can jump all the way to BIOS 54 in one shot.

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              I thought I recalled something about large jumps.


              !!Ensure BMC 00.34 or later is well installed in your system prior to run this BIOS
              update, if you update BIOS from R0025 or R0025.1!!

              1) Boot the system to the EFI shell and go to EFIScripts folder
              2) At the shell prompt, locate to "EFI scripts" run "BIOS54.nsh" to start BIOS update
              3) When complete, reboot the system and enter BIOS Setup by pressing the F2 Key during
              4) Verify the BIOS string on main BIOS menu shows the BIOS revision as S5500.86B.01.00.0054.09282010 1228
              5) Press F9 to load defaults and press F10 to save and reset the system
              6) The BIOS update is complete. Either reboot the server or go to the ME firmware Update
                 section described below.

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                O.K.  I upgraded to BIOS ver 42, then up to BIOS ver 54.  It boots.  I KNEW I should have updated the BIOS before wasting other peoples time.  I was pretty burned out and got lazy.  Sorry.


                But now I have a new problem.  I know the memory sticks are not pre-approved by Intel, but I spent a lot of $$$ on these and want to push things as far as I can before I have to shell out more $$$ which is going to **** the wife off...


                When I boot, I get 18 beeps (no idea what that means).  When I go into the setup window, I get:


                Error Code                    Details                       

                8540                            DIMM_A1 Disabled

                8520                            DIMM_A1 BIST failure

                8541                            DIMM_A2 Disabled

                8521                            DIMM_A2 BIST failure

                8546                            DIMM_D1 Disabled

                8526                            DIMM_D1 BIST failure

                8547                            DIMM_D2 Disabled

                8527                            DIMM_D2 BIST failure


                I can swap DIMMs around from slot pair to slot pair, and get the same issue.  Seems like the processor's first slot is having issues.  Has anybody seen anything like this before?  Any suggestions???

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                  I am assuming you have DIMMS in slots in addition to the A1- A2 and D1-D2 shown below?


                  BIST = Built In Self Test which is the training cycle between the CPU and the memory.


                  The suspects are:


                  1) The memory

                  2) The processor (since it contains the memory controller now)

                  3) The motherboard


                  and 99.9% of the time the problem is........



                  Bent pin in the CPU socket
                  These pins are very fragile. When the processor is install, if it was slid in to the socket rather than placed in pins on the outer edge tend to bend.

                  The processor then pushes the bent pin down onto the pin next to it and that signal is no longer present.


                  A very gentle hand with a tooth pick can push the pins back in to the correct position.

                  Otherwise, it is a motherboard replacement.


                  The photo below came from a system that could not find memory on channel A.

                  I added a Red arrow since most people miss the bent pin completly.




                  Almost forgot the BEEPS.


                  Some software guy really went over board with Beepidy beep beep beep!


                  If you can make out a pattern early in POST of beeps, check the TPS for error message (likly it will say memory error)

                  However, the board also beeps for every USB device it finds, both internal and external.

                  Kind of sounds like an old PONG game on start-up.

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                    Wow, you're good!


                    I found two pins under Proc #1 that seemed a little off.  Tweeked them back and got the A1 & A2 DIMMs working again.  Couldn't find any bent pins on Proc #2, though I did **** around with a couple.  Still can't get the D1 & D2 DIMMs up.  Gonna give my eyes a rest and try again tomorrow.  Looks like I'm on the right track.  Thanks!!!

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                      I use a 36x power soldering station video microscope with camera.


                      but a magnify glass can helps too.



                      Also make sure no therimal greese got on the pin side of the processor. 

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                        Way to Go Doc , So many people miss the bent pin issue , it's unbeliveable.

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                          I just got a T-7200 for my note book and it uses a 478M socket and I had to straigen two pins just to get in the socket , it's works fine now , You realy have to be careful getting stuff from Ebay , It was packed poorly. But works fine now.