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    DX58SO - Problems When Installing More than 1 stick of Ram




      I have just put together a 2 new identical systems comprising


      Motherboard = Intel DX58SO

      Processor = Intel Core i7 930 (Bloomfield)

      Ram = OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 (3 x 2GB Sticks)

      Graphics = ATI HD 5570 PCI-Express


      When turning on the assembled system for the first time, before OS installation, the PC turned on, then 5 seconds later turned off, then a further 5 seconds later turned back on again. It then stayed on but the screen remained blank and I couldn't view the bios, or start installing the OS.


      I discovered if I only used a single stick of the ram The system operated correctly. I was able to install the OS and everything worked fine.


      I then went back and tried to insert the extra 2 sticks of memory and the PC behaved exactly as before, turning off then on, then displaying a blank screen.


      I tried using 2 sticks, I tried swapping slot positions of the memory but the only way the system would work was by using a single stick (Any of the 3) in the first Tri chaannel slot.


      This exact same thing happens on both systems.


      Am I missing something obvious here