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    SE7520AF2 mBMC problem


      To cut to the chase, the fru/sdr firmware was incorrectly updated at a bios update. The board is an LX, but the baseboard was chosen and the board was updated accordingly. Now, no surprise, the front panel is locked out (inoperative) and upon boot the message "84F2 Baseboard Management Controller failed to respond - press F1 to resume, F2  to enter setup" is displayed. Read some other threads here with similar problem, have reflashed from new bios download, tried clear cmos, still cannot reflash mBMC firmware to the correct board type - pauses and then informs that the bmc controller is not responding. I will do a recovery flash if you think that will help. Would installing an IMM in this instance take over for the onboard mBMC?


      Bios version: P_12_00_0113


      I would welcome information about correcting this via command line with fru updater.



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          Unfortunately, there's no Force BMC Update jumper on that board.  I don't think adding an IMM would do any good, since the mBMC isn't even responding in the first place.


          The FRU command line is limited to:



                /? or /h Displays usage information.
                /d {smb,fru,sdr,tbl} Only displays requested area.
                /cfg filename.cfg Uses custom CFG file.
                /p Pause between blocks of data.


          The full information is in \SUPDISK\FRU\FRUSDR.TXT, from the latest BIOS package ISO.

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            I was more looking for an undocumented switch, almost every piece of software has some. I just need to push the FRU update for the correct board in, after all the mBMC was blank before programming the first time. The files are there on the update disc, just need the right switch and a little info to reload correct values using frusdr.exe. I have read the fursdr.txt, the standard switches are not going to be of much help to me right now. I know there is no force BMC jumper on this board, but I have a hard time believing that Intel would leave no means of reloading the mBMC firmware if it became corrupted - and software is the only way I am aware of to accomplish this.

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              In the SE7520AF2_SUP_20060719.iso, in the \supdisk\mBMC\ there is a run.bat file; other than a readme not much else is there but the batch says "not needed on production boards". Is there anyone out there from Intel who can tell me if I stand any chance of getting the original mBMC update.bat file and the others needed to reinitialize the mBMC firmware on preproduction boards? Else I have some decisions to make regarding the server hardware....

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                The batch file and code by themselves wouldn't do you any good, without the hardware switch to set the mBMC into force update mode.

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                  It just seems to me that much like a bios, you can update/rewrite with only software switches - the mBMC is not that much different. No one from Intel seems to have any comment or is willing to comment definitively on my issue, so I probably will just have to replace the board.

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                    I was wondering if you ever resolved your SE7520AF2 BMC issue.  I have the same problem.

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                      Well I wound up acquiring another motherboard (SE7520AF2) as a replacement. Now, though, I have another problem - which if you go the replacement route you will want to be aware of. Gateway sold a server system (9510, 9510T) which was an SC5300 platform with SE7520AF, or 2 other possible motherboards inside. The replacement I got works ( recycled a used working unit for $80, instead of $400-$700 for new in box) has a gateway bios installed - the major problem I have is that I cannot update the FRU. The gateway bios last release does not recognise this SE7520AF2 as a gateway server platform (even though it boots with the correct Gateway server bios) and so will not run, and the last Intel bios/firmware update package says " the file header in the FRU is different from the file you are trying to update with: do you want to program the file data?" It fails to update, and so I cannot control the fans in my SC5300 - worse the ones behind my 6 drive sata array are in a failed state and will not power up. I have the Pro IMM installed, don't know if that has something to do with it or not. The gateway update package has a "CLR FRU" directory and some batch files which are to be called from the main update program and run every time the FRU is updated, the Intel package does not have this. The Gateway bios/firmware package looks to have been provided by Intel, to the point of these lines:


                      You must use the clear CMOS jumper if you have just flashed the Gateway BIOS
                        over the standard Intel BIOS.  Otherwise you may not see video on the next boot.
                      - Intel SSID/SSVID value will be used if ICH5R RAID is enabled and for LSI SCSI
                        or ROMB.


                      If anyone with knowledge of how to get the FRU updated can shine some light on this problem for me, I would certainly appreciate it - I really don't care if it has a Gateway bios or Intel; I just want to be able to power up and control the speed of the hot-swap fans.


                      Moral to this story is make sure if you get a replacement board that it has an Intel bios, or you will probably go through the same thing as I have described here!



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                        What's your board PBA#, and what's the complete BIOS string?

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                          PBA: C48105-661


                          Bios String: SE 7520AF20.15A.P.06.00.00108


                          Found something in SE7520AF2 errata; unplugged 6 drive SAS/SATA HBP from motherboard and the FRU updated with no error... but still fans are either running away or not working at all. The two smaller ones behind my raid array have the failure led on top lit, and do not spin up at all while the larger one is running about 4275 rpm. The Intel management console (v3.5.2) shows 4 fans, 3 red and 1 green.  FRU contents do not appear to be correct....


                          Thanks for the help




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                            This is an OEM board, so you can't apply Intel BIOS/firmware to it.

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                              From the Gatway Bios Readme


                              Build # : 0108
                              Build Stamp : SE7520AF20.15A.P.06.00.0108.091220061110
                              Build Date : September 12, 2006