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    IASC shows no temp sensors.


      I downloaded the latest IASC (Intel Active System Console, part of S5520SCR ISMS software package).


      I kind of want to know what temps things are at full load before putting this into full service.


      It can't ID the case either.  As far as I know I have all the latest updates.


      CPU temps with a third party app say 83/84°C at full load sustained, but it couldn't ID the processor either.


      Here is a typical screenshot, "No Sensors" along with firmware data.

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          Jason Tan

          IASC would only provide you with the current information/state of the server. Whatever is reported by the BMC of the system in terms of thermals, that is what is going to be reported. There is no way to adjust the values through this application.


          About the subject of not showing any temp sensors, per the User Guide, the processor tab would show the information & speed information, the other tab labeled Cooling would provide temperature readings for the system.

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            The No Sensor found in the screen shot refers to the power supply.


            Ether the Aux power connector (5 pin cable) from the power supply to the front edge of the mother board is not connected, PS does nont have a sensor or the SDR is not loaded for the power supply( if the connector is off, you need to reload teh SDR after connecting it.)  

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              Yup, I know IASC is only for monitoring.  It wasn't reporting any of the sensors.  I re-ran the Deployment disc, and now most the fields are filled in.


              But now the Deployment disc crashes during H/W detection? and won't work.  Hopefully I never need to change the RAID again.


              And now the IASC reports an error with the FRU? when I try certain sensors.


              But it's running, and temps reported are high but safe, so I'll probably put it into service.


              I posted that pic because it was easier than typing in the Firmware data.

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                This probably has something to do with the FRU.


                I get an FRU popup error in the IASC, there is an error listed when I try to update the FRU in EFI, and the Deployment tool hangs during the H/W check .


                All connectors are plugged  in including the 5-pin .


                The computer runs fine, so I don't know if it's worth fixing.


                It might be related to the ATI Graphics card in it, but I can't test without a PCIe card in it.  The VGA header is currently unavailable.


                The Deployment tool crash did not happen before I loaded the ATI drivers, but that might be unrelated.