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    Hyperthreading CPU for D850MDL



          Is there a Hyperthreading CPU I can install on my old D850MDL that will read the correct clock speed in the BIOS? I installed a 3.0 Northwood and it read

      1.5 GHz in the BIOS, but in device manager it had two 3.0 Logical processors. Benchmarking indicated it was at 1.5 GHz as it was slower than my non-HT 2.2 GHz processor. WinXP Pro Service Pack 3. I know there aren't any new processors available for my board, but there are plenty of used available. I already have 2 64 bit machines, I want to keep this old one going a bit longer.


      Thank you

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          Download CPUz and see what it reads your speeds at. the 3.0 northwood is a hypertreading CPU it's a single core that shows up like 2 cores.

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            The 850 is multiplier locked. I enabled HT when I had it in the PC and it showed 2 logical processors. The bus /core ratio of my 3.0 is 15, so it runs at 1.5 GHz. My 2,2 GHz P4 w/o HT  bus/core ratio is 22, so it runs at the proper 2.2 GHz. I'm looking for a higher bus/core ratio P4 with Hyperthreading. I didn't run CPUz as my computer is reassembled at the moment with the other processor. The processor ran at the proper 3.0 GHz in my laptop with Hyperthreading before I replaced it with a Prescott. The laptop has an 865 chipset. I'll change the CPU's again an run CPUz as you suggest, but I know it's slower. This is the only comp I can post on because all my others have IE9 and I cannot write a message in this box.



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              I looked on the 865 chipset , could not find any info , How Old is this notebook and what socket does it use , thats the question because the chipset realy just has to do with the graphics most of the time .

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                The notebook is a Dell Inspiron 9100. It has a dedicated graphics card. It's not imbedded. It has a 478 pin chip in it. I think I can run my 850 board desktop at 2.3 GHz hyperthreaded with a 3.06 GHz 533 MHz FSB chip underclocked with my 400 MHz ram. It has a 23 times multiplier and hyperthreading. It's a $20 gamble unless I can locate one in a computer somewhere. This old RAMBUS based machine is an old workhorse. Wish that idea didn't go up in smoke along with my stock. DDR just isn't quite the same.