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    Prevent DQ45CB from disabling onboard video with pcie card


      Hi All,


      I'm tearing my hair out with this. I have a desktop with a DQ45CB board, and I want to use the onboard video AND a PCI Express video card. Either one works fine on their own, but I have 3 monitors I am trying to setup.


      Here's what I've tried (with both installed)

      BIOS -> Auto detect graphics card = Card only

      BIOS -> Onboard graphics = no video, had to clear BIOS and remove card to get it to boot again


      With no card installed, the onboard is fine. With the card installed, I can't get the onboard video to stay enabled.


      Is there a way to override this and use both?


      If it makes a difference, the PCI-E video card is an MSI Geforce 210.