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    Intel 943GML chipset


      Hello can i put in intel 943GML chipset the intel T2450 processor?. Thanks

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          Short Answer iis YES


          Long Answer:


          The 943GML Chipset is reported to support:

          Intel Core Duo @ 533FSB

          Intel Core 2 Duo @ 533 FSB (Fastest T5300)


          MUST BE "SOCKET M" not "Socket P"


          ensure you have the latest BIOS for your laptop.


          NB:  There have been reports that Socket M @ 667FSB Intel Core-2-Duo, have worked with the Intel 943GML Chipset aswell


          Good Luck

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            If you want to take the "Socket M @ 667FSB Core-2-Duo" path, ensure you have the latest BIOS.

            Your CPU Options for "Socket M @ 667FSB Core-2-Duo" are


            1)     T5500     2MB Cache

            2)     T5600     2MB Cache


            3)     T7200     4MB Cache

            4)     T7400     4MB Cache

            5)     T7600     4MB Cache

            6)     T7600g   4MB Cache


            Good Luck

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              can i used cpu T9600 or T6670,i have old sony VGN-N320E with intel 943GML.help me please.thanks.

              • 4. Acclimation

                Yup, it works!

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                  thank you buddy.i got in my hand T9600.im gona change right now..im not a professional pc..this is the first time.i hope it work..Thanks and appreciate!!

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                    Hi. Did the T9600 work in the 943 GML chipset? Also, can I then install a T9900? My laptop model is Satellite A135-S4527. Help, please.

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                      Is the CPU series T9x00 compatible with this chipset (943GML)? Why didn't

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                        Hi sanwablo,


                        It is important to say that the processor T9900 is a tray version. This means that it is intended to be sold to Computer Manufactures only. So Computer Manufactures design and create their own system with their specifications and sometimes they set limitations on their computers.


                        Due to this reason, I recommend you contacting Dell to confirm what processors can be used with your computer since this information can be provided by them only.

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                          Hi kevin_intel. Thanks. It is a Toshiba laptop actually. I already asked and as Peter C said the fastest processor you can put in the chipset is Core 2 Duo T7600, which is socket M and 667FSB. The series T9x00 is incompatible with the 943GML chipset I think, regardless of the manufacturer. I don't know why kuyatsushiro6 said T9600 works in it, being socket P and 1066FSB. It was very confusing.

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                            Yes I understand it is confusing but I am sure that Toshiba can provide the processor compatibility list for your system.