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    S5520SCR performance settings?


      Hopefully, I boot this workstation today if all the UPS tracking info is right.


      The build is:


      S5520SCR mobo

      SC5650WS case

      2x E5620 Xeon quad cores @ 2.4ghz

      12GB Kingston unregistered DDR3-1333 server RAM (from Intel approved list)

      2x nVidia GT240 to drive 2 displays

      Win7-64 pro

      RAID 1


      Question:  Are the default BIOS settings optimum for max CPU processing performance?  If not, what settings should be changed?



      At night, I'm donating it's use to Distributed Computing projects that are CPU intensive and load all cores 100%.  During the day, I'll be using it for image editing, file storage, and CAD drafting.

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          IT'S ALIVE!!! 


          VGA header didn't arrive, so booted into BIOS using ATI 5450? fanless card.  No HDD's installed. 


          Intel "C" CPU fan on socket 1 sounds like an injured moose (uh AHH uh AHH uh AHH...).  The rest of the fans are quiet.  Out of all our machines, this is louder at idle than they are at 100% on all cores.  In particular there is a i7-950 sitting in the same room with 2 Fermi cards going full blast and it makes less noise.


          Didn't see any CPU temp or fan speeds in BIOS, so I'm going to assume it's normal but noisy and continue.  I have no frame of reference to compare it to.


          There is a branch in the BIOS that if you take it, you cannot return to other options.  It only lets you leave BIOS into the O/S boot sequence.  No biggie, and if I hit it again, I'll note it.


          While Approved RAM list suggests 1/2 height server chips, it appears full height RAM that does not have tall heatsinks will work just fine.


          One of the CPU fans (socket 2), had badly smeared TIM paste as delivered, so I cleaned it and put on Arctic Silver and will compare the differences in temps.

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            Ta daaaaaa!!!!!


            Make sure you load the latest firmware code stack to get all the latest fixes.  ( also loading the FRUSDR FW sets the fan speed controls. Until loaded, fans run at max.)

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              For the noisy fans, make sure you apply latest BIOS/firmware. Also make sure chassis fans are connected to correct fan headers (SYS FAN 1, 3 and 5).


              There are three CPU settings in BIOS under Advanced => Processor Configuration: Hardware Prefecher, Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch, and Direct Cache Access. All enabled by default, and usually it's the optimal setting. But you may test with your application and see if changing those settings makes any difference.

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                Which utility is good for monitoring CPU temps?  I used RealTemp? a freeware app, and it recorded 83/84°C for both cores at 100% load.  Guess the factory TIM is just as good as Arctic Silver.  But that seems really high for a 2.4ghz chip, or is it?

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                  To monitor CPU temp and other sensors, use the Intel® Active System Console.

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                    I am partial to CPUID 's tools such as HWmonitor for temp. http://www.cpuid.com/  (if you try PC wizard disable the SMbus access before using)
                    I see the system fans ramping up at ~ 85 deg C and the cpu holds at ~ 78 deg at 100% CPU stress loading.