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    ehci controller handoff


      Dear sir,
      When I write EHCI driver for my small OS, I encountered a problem. When cold booting up from a USB disk2.0, the EHCI handoff fails because that both OS-owner bit and the BIOS-owner bit are set already. The HCCPARAMS value is 0x1010001. But it will be OK at warm boot up and I can operate USB disk at about 3.4M/s data rate. If I don't handle this and use its 4 companions, all is OK. The machine is good and Windows Xp can boot normally. Why does this happen and how could I survive from this situation. Thank you for advance.

      The chipset is Intel (R )  82801G(ICH7 Family)
      CPU is Intel (R ) Pentium(R ) Dual E2160 @1.8GHz

      What about other chips?