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    DX58SO Sound Failure (Related to 2x4 Power Connector?)


      Hey everybody:


      I just got my new computer, an Intel DX58SO, Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz, 6Gb DDR3 RAM, 2TB HDD, ASUS EN450GTS 1Gb GPU. Since i put it together, no sound hardware has been recognized by Windows 7 nor Ubuntu 10.10. I have tried installing all of the Realtek HD Audio Drivers, Updating all of the divers (including Chipset), I even tried updating the BIOS version (of course it crashed, and I managed to restore it).


      The only thing that I can think of is that my power suply has only a 2x2 power conector (which is connected to the 2x4 port on the Board). Could it be a voltage problem? Do I really NEED to plug a 2x4 power connector in order to hava a fully functional DX58SO?


      Thanks in advance for any sugestions.