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    Intel series 4 desktop boards, BSOD when installing Windows XP.


      Hello all,


      I just wanted to make life a bit easier for people who are having blue screen of death when trying to install Windows XP on Intel DG41CN, or similar series 4 desktop board. The symptom is BSOD appearing few minutes after the first reboot (when partitioning, formatting and file copying is done), when the setup enters graphics mode. At first I thought the problem is in wrong F6 drivers, but none of them would do the job. Then, I decided to try another version of Windows XP, and that did the trick. It turns out that these boards generate BSOD when you try to install Windows XP with SP1. Windows XP SP3 installs without problems, so if you have genuine SP1's like I do, slipstream your installation with SP3.