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    Secure Copy from cores to MCPC


      Hello All


      I am creating a large amount of data on the cores, that need to removed for obvious reasons. So, I plan to frequently scp data from cores to MCPC, and this is where I am stuck:


      scp <bifgile> <myloginID@marc009>:/home/<myID>/location


      gives me the error:


      Error resolving 'marc009' port '22'. Temporary failure in name resolution.


      I also tried the full thing: ...marc009.scc-dc.com (although I do not think that this is critical).


      Here is where it gets interesting: I can scp from MCPC -> cores, and also copy _from_ cores if I issue a command on MCPC: scp root@rck00:/pathtofile .


      But this would mean that I need to poll from MCPC, which would be a bad idea.


      Can someone help? Or suggest a way of transferring data from cores to MCPC?


      Thanks a lot for your help.




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          How large is the file you want to scp and where is is located on the cores? I'm trying to reproduce your issue, but I may not be understanding it properly.


          I went on marc005 (one of the systems assigned to Intel) and tried copying mkl.tar (about 260MB) to /root on rck00 and ran out of space. So I then tried a small file as a test. Is the following what you are trying to do for larger files?


          root@rck00:~> pwd

          root@rck00:~> cp /shared/tkubaska/hello.c .

          root@rck00:~> scp hello.c tekubasx@marc005.scc-dc.com:/home/tekubasx
          tekubasx@marc005.scc-dc.com's password:
          root@rck00:~> exit
          Connection to rck00 closed.

          tekubasx@marc005:~$ ls -l hello.c
          -rw-r--r-- 1 tekubasx admin 69 2010-12-05 11:30 hello.c

          tekubasx@marc005:~$ cat hello.c
          #include <stdio.h>
          int main()
          printf("hello world\n");
          return 0;


          Note that /shared is a a directory on your MCPC that is mounted on the cores. If your core program writes to /shared, the data are already on the MCPC, but I suspect you already know this. You probably want to move the data to your /home on the MCPC. Is it not acceptable to write to /shared on the MCPC and then copy to your /home?


          We do have an example of how a program on a core can run a script on the MCPC, if that's useful. Look in "How to Read SCC Voltages with a RCCE Program."