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    How much RAM can my old Intel motherboard take?




      I have two RAM slots in my old Intel motherboard, one vacant, one holding 512 mb of RAM according to my bios.


      I would like to buy more RAM, but I don't know how much RAM ( beyond 512 mb ) the second slot can take.  I've had my computer for over 7 years so I have not a clue where the manual is .


      This is the information I have about my motherboard.


      Thanks in advnace for any information


      Base Board Information
          Manufacturer: Intel Corporation             
          Product Name: D845PESV                      
          Version: AAA97669-107          
          Serial Number: AZSV30207262



      Can the second slot take 1 gig of RAM?  What speed ( mega hertz )?   Any recommendations for vendors and brands?


      Thanks in advance