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    Software RAID on S5520SCR


      I read through all the documentation, and I can't tell whether I need an Intel hardware RAID card to apply RAID.  There is an Intel Guide to Software RAID, but it constantly refers to hardware in the doc.   Are they referring the mobo chipset as hardware?   Or is this the right doc?  http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/d29305015_raid_swg.pdf             My goal is to run RAID 1 with 3 drives (one hot-fix).  Do I have to buy an Intel RAID card?  If so, which one?  The optional RAID cards don't say what mobos they work with.  I will be running 3 SATA II 1TB drives.



      Here's the opening  page :



      Intel® Embedded Server RAID BIOS Configuration Utility

      Create, add, modify, and clear virtual drive configurations

      Initialize or rebuild the configured drives

      Set the boot drive

      Create a global hot-spare drive

      View physical and virtual drive parameters

      View and set adapter properties,
      including consistency check and auto-resume If the SATA RAID or SAS RAID options are enabled in the server BIOS, an option to enter the Intel® Embedded Server RAID BIOS Configuration utility displays during the server boot process. To enter the utility, press <Ctrl> + <E> when prompted. The Intel® Embedded Server RAID BIOS Configuration utility allows a user to:

      SATA and SAS systems use different versions of the Intel

      ® Embedded Server RAID BIOS Configuration utility, but both versions use the same keystrokes and contain identical menus. The utility menus show limited help at the bottom of the screen and selections are chosen with the arrow keys and the space bar. If no virtual drive is available to configure, a warning is displayed. Only the number of potential physical drives differs for the SAS and SATA versions of the utility. The following menu and sub-menu options are available:





      Also, I will put one HDD in the machine to test everything with Windows loaded.  Will I have to start over to add the RAID drives, or will it create the RAID 1 in the background after changing the BIOS settings?



      Sorry for the corrupted post  the cursor is wacko, and I just cut and pasted from the Intel doc.