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    D975XBX2 Marvell 88SE6145 and optical drive support


      I note this older text on one of the support pages for the D975XBX2:


      Optical Drives Connected to Blue SATA Ports Do Not Work
      With  the Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2 or DX38BT, CD or DVD drives connected  to the blue SATA ports may not be recognized by Microsoft Windows*.  This can result in failures when trying to write to CDs or DVDs in the  drive. To resolve this, connect the optical drive it to a black SATA  port.


      I purchased a Vantec external eSATA box and a new Pioneer BD^-206 Blu-Ray burner.  The Marvell BIOS page shows the optical drive correctly, but my Windows 7 x64 Pro does not.  This same Vantec case can support a SATA hard drive without issue.  Intel supports' recommendation is to use the ICH7 ports (black).  It is not viable in mycase as I have a 4-drive RAID0 array implemented on those 4 ports.


      Has their been any movement on this issue, or am I out of luck and will have to build a new machine just to burn Blu-Ray?  I know the Vantec case has USB 2 also, but eSATA is more desirable.

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          No one has anything to add to this?  Wow........

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            I have the same motherboard you do.  I installed a blu-ray burner a month ago and after a day of troubleshooting, finally got it to work.  The only way it actually plays blu-ray discs is using CyberLink Power DVD 10.  (This cost me about $80-90 on top of the $110 drive from NewEgg.)  Windows will only play standard DVDs on it.  I have not tried to actually burn a Blu-ray disc yet.  I ended up installing it in SATA 2.  My primary hard drive is on SATA 0, #2 hard drive is on SATA 3, DVD drive on SATA 1.  I know, a weird configuration, but that's what ending up working.  I also had to monkey around with the "Native" setting in the BIOS configuration.  SATA 4-7 are all turned "off" in the BIOS settings.  I installed Win7 2 months ago, and it took a while, trying different configurations, before it worked.


            I have a question for you....


            I continue to have issues with my plug & play hardware (video camera, Ipod, Roxio video capture device).  Occasionally the drivers will install successfully, but most of the time they don't and the hardware is not recognized and will not work.  I believe this is because I am running Win 7 64-bit and that operating system is not supported by the D975XBX2 motherboard.


            However, according to Intel, there are 3 updates available - 2 of which I cannot install.  Even after updating the BIOS, I could not install the RAID: Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver or the RAID: Marvell Driver.  Both of these updates, I think, will address the issues I am experiencing.  Were you able to update your D975XBX2 with these 2 updates?

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              I have the same board and the same issues you did. It's like my system doesn't even recognize the blue SATA 4-7 sockets. I am running Windows 7 right now, but the issue is the same for Vista and XP. The Intel online support says to plug the CD/DVD Drive into a black plug to solve the problem. My problem is, all the black sockets are in use. (Black SATA 0-3 work fine!) I wish I knew how you fooled around with your bios to get the blue sockets to work. I have tried every combination I can think of to no avail. I would like to be able to plug in another internal hard drive, or set up a Marvell array with the blue SATA 4-7 sockets. Could you, or anyone who has gotten the blue sockets to work, let me know how??

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                Ok. let's get this straight.  The Intel controller is considered the primary controller (ICH7R, where R means it supports RAID).  The Marvell 88SE6145 was added as a secondary controller because RAID can use up many SATA ports.


                Intel does have drivers available directly from the download support page for this motherboard that supports Windows 7 and 64-bit.   I am setup as follows:


                On my board, the Intel controller is handling a 4-drive RAID0 array (these would be the black SATA ports).


                The Marvell controller is handling 2 single drives.  One of these is an older WinXP drive, and the other is the newer drive setup for Win7 x64.  When you install Win7 this way, it setups the bootloader to ask you which OS you want to boot with. Very simple and nice. (These are the blue SATA ports).


                The  Red SATA port is just another port of the Marvell controller, and I do have it run out to the back panel for eSATA.


                My optical drives are currently using IDE, which originate from the Intel controller.


                So, I did not do anything special to get the Marvell controller drivers installed.  When you install Windows, you need to use the F6 option to install the drivers you got from Intel.  The same way you would install any RAID driver.


                Windows 7 install made this VERY easy, as they have a browser and actually have some very good intrinsic support built into Win7 for many of these chip sets.


                In regards to the BIOS, you need to go onto the peripherals page and enable the secondary drive controller.  That would be the Marvell controller.



                One thing I learned early on was that if you have a bootable drive on any of the Marvell ports, they will take precedence over any bootable drive that would be on the Intel ports.  This works fine, as the Intel RAID handling is better than the Marvell RAID handling is,


                My dilema is more involved with why the Windows drivers for the Marvell drive controller (88SE6145) do not support optical drives.  When the boot bios shows the drives plugged into the ports, you can see the optical drive is there and properly identified.  When you get into any version of Windows, there is nothing showing on that port.  Nothing at all, even an unknown drive.  It is just empty.   I know tha the Intel controller (black SATA ports) would support the optical drive.  But, I am already using all of those ports, so it does not matter.

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                  You can run an optical drive off the blue ports.  I set up a 2nd optical drive and had to install the Marvell software to enable the blue connectors.  See my posts here:




                  You can do this after the Windows OS is already installed, if you use the Marvell software from this link  http://www.station-drivers.com/page/marvell.htm and download the Marvel 61xx RAID controller driver.


                  Do not use the Intel provided driver.

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                    Thanks, but I have been running that driver since it was released.  According to some folks I know at both Marvell, and  Intel, optical drive support is spotty at best using this Marvell chip.  It is a known issue and I have already moved on and built a better PC.  Thanks for the input, though.  The product is so old now that no one wants to support it, even advise about it.