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    Problems with Intel S5520HC and SC5650DP



      I was setting a soft raid under linux going through this document: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Migrate_to_RAID

      When I restarted my server, the BIOS hung at the AHCI drives detection step. When either unplugin the 2 drives with linux raid partition or setting SATA to IDE ehanced mode, there is no more hang. Therefore I thought to do a BIOS upgrade.


      I updated from EFI to those versions:

      System BIOS  - 54

      BMC Firmware - 00.54

      ME Firmware  - 1.12

      FRUSDR       - 28


      I still have the same problem with ahci and even worst, all fan stay runing at full speed and the status led is amber and blinking.


      Someone could help me please.