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    Changes in ProSet's Wi-Fi Protected Setup?


      I have a situation where two versions of ProSet Wireless are exhibiting different behaviors when attaching to Wi-Fi Protected Setup networks.


      Older laptops with v11..5.1.2 connect to the network and get to the Window prompting for the router's security PIN. With v13.1.1 of ProSet, new laptops connect to the same network and get a different window. On the newer laptops, ProSet goes to the Window that provides a random device password that needs to be entered at the router (or registrar).


      The new behavior has confused some users of the newer laptops. I already have some work arounds, but I'm wondering if there is an option setting in the new software that would explain the change in behavior. Ideally, getting the old behavior back would be best for the laptop users.


      Here are some hardware details In case anyone would like to try to duplicate this:


      The old laptop is an HP nc6400 with an Intel 3945ABG wireless adapter and v11.5.1.2 of ProSet.

      The newer laptop is an HP Elitebook 2740p with an Intel Advanced-N 6200 AGN adapter. Both laptops have a corporate Windows XP OS image.

      The router I've been using for my testing is a Netgear WGR614v8. Other routers with the WPS protocol also exhibit the same behavior.





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          I found the answer to this issue. An administrative profile we have been applying to include our wireless network settings was changed somewhere along the way. The new profile disabled and was hiding the Wi-fi Protected Setup option 'Enable registering other devices'. Enabling the option causes Wi-Fi protected setup to work the way the laptop users were used to.


          Editing that Administrative profile and applying it to the new laptops solves the problem.