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    why is my solid state telling me its almost full?


      i have an intel 42 gig SSD its awesome, but it always comes near getting full which makes me want to rip sombody's fxxxing head off..anywho.. if i highlight everything in the drive(c) and click props its only coming up as 19 gigs or so which sounds totally reasonable as well as me individually checking each folder for the size and adding up the sizes, but when i right click props on the c: drive it self its telling me i have used 33.7 gb and have 3.40 free.  ugh is there something im missing here? this math isn't even close. hidden files and folders is being displayed btw there aren't any folders i have hidden in here.







      2xViewsonic VX2433 23.6" 1080p HD LCDs,
      Windows 7 x64
      Antec Skeleton Case
      Intel Lynnfield I7 860 CPU @ 2.8 GHz LGA 1156
      EVGA P55 FTW Mobo
      EVGA 480GTX Fermi Superclocked Graphics Card
      G.Skill Trident 4x2GB DDR3 2000 RAM
      Rosewill 1000W Bronze Series Modular PSU
      Intel X25-V 40GB Solid State Drive
      Samsung 7200RPM 1TB Hard Drive
      Coolermaster Gemini II CPU Cooler

      Gelid ICY vision GPU cooler