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    DG965RY doesnt boot with a brand new 9500gt




      My PC is quite old, Its a Core 2 with DG956RY motherboard ,2.5gig DRR2 ram I used to have a nvidia 7900GT drr3.
      I recently bought the Nvidia 9500GT worked for 3 hours and got a screen freeze. But after restarting ,it haults from the Nvidia card bios. It doesnt boot from there. Sometimes nothing on the screen.


      I checked the card another 2 pcs it works fine. Also I used my old card the 7900GT it boots. Wierd why the motherboard rejects the 9500GT


      I used to have this problem, Intel Managebility Interface Fail to intialize. DO you thing that is the problem ?
      But my old card works fine :S


      Need help