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    WiFi Link 5100 AGN - Save Config Settings?


      Here's my setup:


      OS: XP Pro, SP3
      Wireless Adapter: Intel WiFi  Link 5100 AGN
      Router: Apple Airport Extreme (latest version)
      Network:  5 GHz
      Using VPN to work remotely


      Here's my problem:


      I  get frequent packet drops when connected wirelessly. Connectivity seems  to improve if I go into the configuration for the wireless adapter and  change the Power Management setting from the default (Low) to High. The  problem is that if I shut down and restart the computer, that setting  reverts to the default of Low.


      I guess this is a two-part  question:


      1. How can I get my custom setting to be made permanent  without having to go in and adjust it every time I start the computer?


      2.  Any other suggestions for improving connectivity are welcome. Our other  computer (an iMac 2.4 GHz) doesn't seem to be having any issues so my  suspicion is that the source of this grief is the wireless adapter in  the laptop.