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    dx58so grey flickering problem on startup with newer bios




      I got some problems with the newer bios versions for the Intel dx58so. I came from 4598 and upgraded to 5506. This bios was very slow and didn't even let me boot windows since it crashed just before starting the start screen.


      Then I tested 5456, 5417 and 5390. They are all working fine and fast except the splash screen on the very beginning. The intel screen appears and after a ssecond or something it dissapears and a grey flickering square appears instead off the intel splash screen. This is on all newer bios versions. By downgrading to 4405 the problem was solved again but then the fan was working on full speed.


      So now i'm back on 5417 since this is in my opinion the fastest bios but the flickering grey square is still after the intel splash screen.


      My brother got also the dx58so and he's running 5390 just fine without the flickering screen.


      My pc ocnfig is:

      - windows 7 professional x64

      - intel postville x25-m ssd

      - intel core i7 930

      - asus engtx 470

      - 6 gb(triple channel) kingston valueram


      Any hints  on how to fix it or even get bios 5506 running without problems?


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          I tested the 5506 Bios (via .exe) today and it looks like that it is total crap.

          It takes 5min to go past POST and it stopped there flickering full screen.

          Back to 5456 (via recovery) everything works fine.

          Updateing  to 5506 (via recovery) 5min till POST screen, but it boot windows.


          The 5456 bios is the best for me atm, because it has the s3 lan fix included and don't take 5min to get past POST.


          The little flickering cursor before and after POST-Screen looks normal for me. It was there for me since I get the board.





          win7 x64 pro



          6gb kingston hyperx

          postville 80gb

          samsung f1 1tb

          wd ears 2tb