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    DH55HC Boot time random freeze


      Hi I purchased this board 3 months ago and ever since I am facing problem with it, I am not sure if it's a problem or a feature!


      After few reboots, say 6-7 reboots, the BIOS just freezes there with the post code EB, however if I press reset button and then while booting press esc for some time the freeze stops and proceeds to bootloader.. I have tried upgrading the bios from 35 to 40, but that did'nt help either. What's going on?


      Also in BIOS if I disable PS/2 port(as I don't have any devices for it) and save settings and reboot, the system won't powerdown if I press the power button(it  hangs!), tested this at bootloader screen many times, and enabling PS/2 port 'immediately' solves the problem..do I need to replace the mobo?


      System Specs:

      i7 860 + 8 GB kingston 1333mhz RAM(2GBx4sticks), two seagate 250 GB SATA HDD, nvidia 240, creative X-fi-sb and a cooler master 600w psu.