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    Convert RAID0 to RAID5


      Hi everyone, hope I'm in the right place.


      I inherited a network some time ago and so far it has all been running well.


      Over the weekend one HDD in the server (whitebox) failed.  It is a 3 disk SATA RAID5 on an Intel RAID Controller SRCS16.


      I inadvertently clicked on Remove Drive (or similar) from the WebConsole, which in hindsight was the wrong thing to do, and after a day and a half of 'reconstructing' it converted a 3 disk RAID5 to a 2 disk RAID0, a config I am not comfortable with.


      I have since replaced the failed HDD and want to revert the array from RAID0 to RAID5.


      I assume because it went one way that it should be able to go the other.  Am I right?


      Additionally, I have made the replacement disk a Hot Spare (before I realised it was RAID0), how do I stop it from being a Hot Spare?


      I am after some assistance and pointers as I don't want to stuff it up.






      (Apologies if I am in the wrong place/forum.  It is late and I needed to get this posted before bed).

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          You can refer to the RAID Software User's Guide


          To remove a Hot Spare, see section 5.20:


          To reclaim hot spare disks during normal operation, select the drive and choose Remove Hot
          Spare from the right pane. Web Console changes the state of the selected drives to the
          READY state.



          To add a disk to existing array, see section 7.1.1. Make sure you select RAID 5 in the "New RAID Level" box.

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            Thanks  Edward.


            When I select the drive from the physical view, the right pane only gives me: Fail Drive, Reset Error, Spin Up, Spin Down and Properties.


            If I enter the Properties of the disk I have the same options (except Properties).



            I would assume I have an old version of the RAID Web Console?



            Just to confirm, adding a disk to an existing RAID0 array, to make it a RAID5 array, will not lose data?





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              OK, so what's the version of your RIAD Web Console, and what's the firmware version of your RAID card? What's the status of this drive?


              No you'll not lose data migrating from RAID 0 to RAID 5, however before starting the migration a full system backup is highly recommended, just in case something bad happens during the migration, for example one drive fails.

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                The easy stuff first:


                Firmware: 713N

                BIOS: G401


                I have disk 0 and 2 as a member of logicaldrive0 (raid0) and disk1 is a global hotspare.


                As far as which version of WebConsole; I clicked on Help, no version information there, I clicked on Support and got a blank page, no version information there either.  The title bar of the web page indicates 2.6-00



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                  Firmware 713N is quite old. Current version is 713S.


                  RAID Web console 2.6-00 is also old. Current version is 2.8-00. I forgot to ask your operating system, but you can find it here. Also check if the RAID driver needs update.


                  If you still can't remove the hot spare, post a screenshot of the disk property here and we'll see what we can do next.

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                    Hi Edward.


                    Downloaded and installed RWC2.8 as advised.  Unfortunately still no option to reclaim the hot spare.  Screen shot attached.


                    Does it matter that it is a Global Hot Spare?


                    Thanks again for your assistance.

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                      OK something is wrong with that manual - You can select Fail Drive, which will put the physical drive in Ready state. The click LogicalDrive0 => Properties => Add Physical Drives. Select RAID 5 in New RAID level and hit Go.

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                        Thanks will give it a go in a couple of days (other commitments tomorrow).


                        Still have to get a satisfactory backup JIC.

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                          Thanks Edward for your assistance.


                          I managed a full backup the other day and following your instructions, the array is now reconstructing from RAID0 to RAID5.


                          The process from RAID5 to RAID0 took about 36 hours, I expect the same will be true for this conversion.


                          Again, thanks for your help.