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    How Should Enterprise IT Take Advantage of Cloud?

    Christopher Peters

      Back in November 2010, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion hosted by Zen Kishimoto from AltaTerra Research. The panel discussion consisted of several different perspectives including:


      • Mark Thiele from Data Center Pulse
      • Joseph Tobolski from Accenture Technical Labs
      • Chris Peters from Intel IT (myself)


      During our discussion we explored the different types of clouds available today - public, private (on-premise and hosted), as well as hybrid.

      Zen asked some great questions that are summarized below.


      - When discussing cloud with the CFO, what do you focus on? savings or agility?
      - Where do you deploy SaaS, PaaS, IaaS?
      - Are there any examples of PaaS in public cloud?
      - How do I assess the OpEx and CapEx benefits of private clouds?
      - Are cloud busting and hybrid cloud models real or simply a dream?
      - Should organizations running on-premise private consider a hosted private cloud as an alternative?
      - Can I move all my data centers to the cloud?


      ... and I think we covered some other topics, also.


      I invite you to listen to our thoughts in the webcast replay as part the IT@Intel Data Center best practices webcast series

      I welcome your comments, thoughts, arguments and perspectives below.