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    Could you please help me find a powerful Intel processor compatible with my motherboard?


      Hi all, I had a couple of questions:


      I am looking to buy a powerful processor (CPU) from intel. I currently have an Intel Core2 Duo E6550 2.33 GHz CPU. However, as I found out, the CPU needs to be compatible with my motherboard, whose full name I think is "GIGABYTE GA-P35-S3 MOTHERBOARD S775,P35,FSB1333,DDR2,PCIEx16,SATA2,GbLAN,RAID,ATX,VDBIOS". By the way my computer is NOT a laptop.


      As I don't have much knowledge in this area, I couldn't figure out which processors are compatible. Could anyone point me out to a reletively powerful intel processor (a link would be great). I've already checked with my local computer hardware store, and they told me that my motherboard is a bit old and they don't ship in many stuff for it, and that the best processor they could provide me with is a 2.93 GHz one for one hundred and something dollars (which is why I came here hoping that Intel would still have good processors in stock that are compatible). 2.93 is not bad, but since I'm paying them a ridiculus price of $85 to instal the processor, I thought I might as well go for a processor that is a bit more "top of the range" (hopefully not too expensive) so that I don't have to upgrade it for a while. By the way I deffinately don't want to change my motherboard (as I will have too much trouble reinstalling the massive load of programs that I have!).


      My second question is: How do I buy from this site? When I was checking the products section for processors, I could not find a "BUY" button. Maybe intel doesn't sell to individual customers and only in large numbers to stores?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also sorry for bad English (it's my second language).